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Stratence Partners commits to deliver Strategic, Pricing and Commercial solutions that boost short-term profit increase up to 12% and secure long-term sustainable excellence

Stratence Partners is a recognized and well-known expert firm

Providing comprehensive and pragmatic Consulting, Systems and Outsourcing services

With proven experience in Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence and Commercial Effectiveness 

With a unique 360º model for transferring capabilities

  • ​​​​​​Advanced best practices benchmarking models
  • Proven methodologies and approaches
  • Concrete deliveries as tools, databases, templates, check lists …..

Covering all needed dimensions for a successful transformation

  • People, skills, training and talent management
  • Organization, HQ, Regions, BU’s, Countries ….
  • Governance as Pricing & Commercial Steerco’s
  • Processes with Activities, DACI, Frequencies …
  • Dataflow, Data Integration, Data Science and Analytical Intelligence
  • Systems, Systems Integration and User Oriented Smart Tools
  • New Tech, IoT, eCommerce, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence
  • Change Management, onboarding & cross-functional vision

Committing with economical results

  • Validating with the stakeholders the 1 to 1 short term return on investment, minimum
  • Capturing 1 to 10 full value in the medium-long term
  • Acting on profit, volume, market share, share of account, customer penetration, churn reduction, portfolio extension, discounts, rebates and charges management, commercial incentives and efficiency ….

Committing with the organization full autonomy

  • With a specific training and coaching program for the Project Team
  • Securing (and measuring) 100% capabilities transfer
  • Facilitating the replicability for projects without external resources

Committing with full satisfaction

  • Onboarding and aligning cross-functionally the organization
  • With regular stakeholders’ surveys

Leveraging only well-proven methodologies

  • With approaches fine-tuned over 25+ years and 800+ projects
  • Globally and across many industries

Applying only senior resources

  • With only Partners & Vice Presidents assigned in projects
  • With 25+ years of experience minimum
  • With consulting and operational mixed expert profiles
  • Facilitating high-profiles stakeholders’ involvement
  • Maximizing the value delivered
  • Minimizing the cost of the Project

Partnering along the entire transformational journey

  • From Diagnostic & Business Case
  • Trough Design & Blueprint
  • Moving to Pilot & MVP1
  • And finally, Roll-Out & Scalability.

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