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Stratence Partners commits with 100% Capability Transfer, measured for each Project’s Milestone Delivery

Example of concepts for Full Capabilities Transfer (Not exhaustive, to be adapted by Project):

Project Management & Governance

Change Management Framework

Diagnostic & Roadmap to Excellence

Quick Wins & Long Term Profitability

Integrated Dataflow Management

Best Practice Strategic Segmentation

Advanced Analytics Thought Process

Pricing & Commercial Policy

Sales Guide & Tenders Cockpit

Best Practice KPI’s & Dashboards

Stratence people have been the Partner for a Strategic, Commercial Effectiveness and Pricing Excellence Project. A very complex landscape, where the deep expertise and the very high experience of Stratence people have been 2 fundamental assets to deliver above expectations. On a human perspective also it has been a real pleasure to work together. I definitely recommend Stratence Partners for all Organizations they want to secure a successful project.​

Real example of Capability Transfer Checklist

To ensure the future autonomy of the Organization for maintaining, improving and re-using over time all Project’s deliveries

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