As promised, we keep with the “200 Sales Stories” …..

And for the Top 2, we have selected a quite usual situation in all projects we have been involved in over the past 25+ five years.

When it comes to review with the Salespeople (and whatever will be your sales frontline) the prices and conditions provided to customers.

We all know that some “outliers” will pop-up …. Customers with too good conditions and customers with too bad ones…. And both configurations are a problem: In one case I am losing profit, in the other, I usually risk losing volume (customer churn).

And don’t get me wrong … exceptions are good … with clear rules, metrics, accountabilities, level of authorization and impact measurement. Yes, when they are “best practices”, they are good.

What it is not so recommended, is to understand exceptions as “full freedom” for having customers with very different prices and conditions with any rational behind … no consistency across segments … no efficiency on the conditions that are offered …

If you have 500 hundred customers and you manage them as 500 exceptions, is the first evidence that you are missing a clear Commercial & Pricing Strategy …. And of course, a structured Pricing Policy

Would you agree?

Last week, we had the pleasure to host a Webinar with the objective to provide a pragmatic review on how Pricing, Strategic and Commercial Dataflow & Systems could be efficiently improved with short term solutions.

By the way, thanks to all the people that has participated!

Great interactions, very interesting questions and insightful discussions …

The key takeaways were:

- Pricing Systems needs to be part of a larger vision, embedding

  • Strategy Optimization

  • Pricing Excellence

  • Commercial Effectiveness

- Pricing Systems are part of a broader Eco-System: A software “alone” won’t solve your Pricing …. You need to integrate a transformational approach for

  • People

  • Governance

  • Organization

  • Processes

  • Data

  • Systems Integration

- Pricing Systems must institutionalize “Best Practices”: Define first your Best Practices, and then request a System to automate – support them

- The good Pricing System would support you along your journey to excellence: From Smart Cost+, through Competitive Premium and Value-Solutions Pricing

- For unlocking the complexity of a Pricing System, approach it with a modular structure:

1) Data Intelligence

2) Dynamic Behavioral Segmentation

3) Analytical Intelligence

4) Waterfall Toolbox

5) Sales & Commercial User Interface

a. Exception Management

b. Peer Incentives

6) Performance Monitoring

- What will really make the difference for a successful Pricing System initiative will be the level of acceptance from the people in the Organization … and so, the most important stream of your project must be “Mindset Change”, and the strongest skill within your team would be “Change & Stakeholders Management”.

Are we missing something?

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