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Stratence Partners applies a well proven approach to “change the mindset” of the Organization

Engaging with Senior Leaders for business acumen and executive – management support

Training & coaching all resources involved in the transformational initiative

Bridging all functions involved in Strategy, Marketing, Pricing, Commercial, Finance, Operations, Sales, IT, Legal, HHRR, R&D …… 



I have led with Stratence Partners people a global project for redefining and implementing a new market strategy with direct impact on the commercial process and the pricing intelligence to be applied. The multi-cultural profile, the experience and the expertise, as well as the very positive human side of Stratence Partners people have strongly contributed to the success of the Project, delivering above expectations in terms of Project’s satisfaction and economical results

On Stratence Partners Transformational Projects, success is mainly measured by the tangible economic results delivered …

We commit in capturing a 1 to 1 return on investment in the first 3 to 9 months of implementation

In the short term, Quick Wins are paying the Project

We commit in validating with the stakeholders a 1 to 10 return on investment through the Roadmap for Excellence

In the medium to long-term, the Project is highly profitable



  • David Villafranca Gayo

I had the opportunity to work with Stratence Partners in several consultancy projects like in Utilities, Retail and Saving Banks, and for sure, the commitment on the Customers satisfaction, the resilience to get superior results and the experience / expertise of the Team have been really appreciated in all cases

In all Stratence Partners projects, to better secure buy-in & momentum, we measure regularly and commit with 100% level of satisfaction of all the stakeholders involved in the Project, including the following concepts:


Plan, schedule, logistics



 Updates, documentation



Preparation, material, delivery


Seniority, expertise, value provided


Best practice, quality, pragmatism, simplicity



  • Eduardo Kuehnel

I had the pleasure to work closely with Stratence Partners in several challenging projects where its people commitment with hard work, strong methodology, customer engagement and delivering pragmatic results made a clear difference to reach a full Customer Satisfaction.

Real example of Satisfaction Survey

Based on a well proven template and defined jointly with the Project Team


Stratence Partners commits with 100% Capability Transfer, measured for each Project’s Milestone Delivery

Project Management & Governance

Change Management Framework

Diagnostic & Roadmap to Excellence

Quick Wins & Long Term Profitability

Integrated Dataflow Management

Best Practice Strategic Segmentation

Advanced Analytics Thought Process

Pricing & Commercial Policy

Sales Guide & Tenders Cockpit

Best Practice KPI’s & Dashboards

Real example of Capability Transfer Checklist

To ensure the future autonomy of the Organization for maintaining, improving and re-using over time all Project’s deliveries



  • Fatima Fagnani

Stratence people have been the Partner for a Strategic, Commercial Effectiveness and Pricing Excellence Project. A very complex landscape, where the deep expertise and the very high experience of Stratence people have been 2 fundamental assets to deliver above expectations. On a human perspective also it has been a real pleasure to work together. I definitely recommend Stratence Partners for all Organizations they want to secure a successful project.​

Stratence Partners supports the success of all Projects with a Best Practice Project Management Office (PMO), securing the maximum respect of the Timelines, the efficient use of the Resources and the optimization of Deliverables Quality

Transferring the Best Practice Project Plan to the Project Leader

Supporting the day-to-day Project Management Office (PMO)

Leveraging well known PMO Methodologies as Prince2, PMBook, Agile, Scrum and DMAIC

Real example of Detailed Project Plan

With 500+ Milestones, Activities & Tasks, including DACI and workload by Resource

Real example of Executive Scorecard

For Project Steering Committee and Stakeholders Project Management



  • YongWhan Kim

Stratence Partners Team joined Korea’s Excellence Team as Consultants for 18 months. Their business oriented thinking and ‘walk the talk’ behaviour have created personal trust, credibility and ‘working together’ spirit. They challenged the status quo in a persuasive manner, trying to find better ways of working which resulted in establishing a solid platform in the company. Stratence Partners are very committed people with passion, business acumen and self-motivation as well as good cross-cultural understanding. I have been very satisfied with their performance and ways of working. I am very sure that their strong leadership, experience and passion will bring great benefits for the Clients.​

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