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Stratence Partners applies in all Projects a proprietary World Class Benchmark Model refined over more than 25 years and 800 Projects, to support the Organizations towards an effective profitable Excellence

Train & coach the Organization to understand the current capabilities in place and the gaps towards Excellence

Support the Organization to set the vision, priorities and ambitions

Co-design cross-functionally the Strategic, Pricing & Commercial Excellence Roadmap



  • José Antonio López Rubio

Through different Projects types (Strategy, Processes, Systems) and different industries (Banking, Insurance, Retail .. etc..), Stratence Partners people have always demonstrated an outstanding capacity to quickly understand the specificities of the Customer's business. Being capable of creating an excellent relationship with clients from CEO to Field Sales People, securing a complete Change Management framework and so an effective implementation of the improvements.

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Stratence Partners World Class Benchmark Model ®

To secure the success of Transformational Projects, Stratence Partners applies a 360ª Thought Leadership

People: Training, Coaching & Talent Management

Body: Organization & Governance

Process: Business Process Management

Data: Strategic, Pricing & Commercial Integrated Dataflow

Systems: Tools & IT Integration

Mindset: Engage the Organization to embrace the change

Stratence Partners 360º Thought Leadership Model ®



  • Christian Winter

I worked closely with Stratence Partners in several international projects. And I would like to highlight the robust Methodology they have for change management and strategy optimization that delivered terrific results in all Projects

At Stratence Partners …. We don’t reinvent the wheel … All our Projects are an adaptation of a well proven and “ready to use” 5 steps approach that secure success and profitability

Diagnostic & Roadmap

Strategic Deep Dive to Plan the Detailed Journey to Excellence

ROI & Quick Wins

Unleash & Validate Short to Long-Term Financial Impact

Blueprint & Digital

Design the New Eco-System & the Holistic Implementation Plan

Pilot & Capture

Collect Quick Wins & implement a 1st Gen of the New Eco-System

Scale & Sustain

Roll-Out Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence & Commercial Effectiveness

Stratence Partners Pragmatic Approach to Excellence Model ®



  • Ignacio Jaureguizar

I recommend Stratence Partners for the very good job done, for instance, for the redefinition and implementation of a new model of Processus and Systems. The results have been the effective Implementation of an enhanced model of Processus and Systems that moved the company Strategy from promoting usual operations to an integrated vision of a profitable management of the Operations

With specific, dedicated and expert resources, we support agnostically our Customers to develop, acquire, implement and integrate the different elements of a Best Practice Strategic, Pricing & Commercial IT Platform



  • Paolo De Angeli

I had the pleasure to work with Stratence Partners people for a 2-years Excellence Project and not only the support was outstanding in terms of skills and guidance provided, but also remarkable for the commitment, passion and professionalism constantly demonstrated.​

Stratence Partners is one of the most recognized expert Consulting & Systems company in Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence & Commercial Effectiveness

Digital & Web Market Place

Data Mart & Dataflow Integration

Data Science & Algorithmic Models

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Blockchain & Smart Contracts



  • Adam Monk

I have worked with Stratence Partners team in the past and in that time I found them to be quite inspirational taking on a very complex project to deliver a strategy optimization and commercial excellence project including a bleeding edge fully automated System for a well known fashion retailer.
I found they had great integrity and resilience. I would recommend them to any one and hope I have the opportunity to work with them again.


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